Purpose is not A path to global transformation. It is THE path. 


The Movement Overview:

A Purpose movement is the foundational catalytic movement that brings online all other transformational movements.  A purpose movement is the most pivotal step because purpose is a direct route toward super coherence - meaning both intrinsic and extrinsic coherence are awakened together.  At the most reductive level what all global transformation strives for is super coherence - super coherence is a basic requirement for living systems on this planet and Purpose is our fastest route there.  

Much like the Golden Ratio, alignment with purpose demonstrates how intrinsic coherence creates extrinsic coherence and how harmony within the part creates harmony in the whole.  Moreover it is designed to support continual growth and evolution preserving the same alignment/ ratio.  

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.”
— Pythagoras

If even a small percentage of transformative industry leaders were fully aligned with their purpose we would make a quantum leap towards a new world.  Moreover, the more the populous finds purpose the more roles are meaningfully filled in accordance with these efforts.  The more force the individual movements obtain. The industries themselves will organically emerge new and aligned purpose.  

The Purpose Revolution aims to first catalyze project(movement) leaders to clarify and claim their most expansive Purpose. These leaders will form the heads of project transformation tribes. These project tribes will form a larger synergistic network that will move both independently and together in a potent wave of global transformation.

We live in times where we urgently need a wider deeper more planetary consciousness.  It is clear we need to shift from I-centered models of life, work, business and leadership to planetary centered models.  

Quite simply, Purpose is the super route to the planetary consciousness we have have all been calling for.  It cuts across all demograpgics such as, race, religion, race, socio-economics, education level, country.  It satisfies the multiple levels of memetic need simultaneously.  

Purpose at center

Outer Circle

  • Governance/ Law
  • Technology
  • Housing/ Infrastructure
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Media

Inner Circle

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Economics
  • Social Justice
  • Spirituality




We must recognize the significance of the role we have to play.  We hold the keys to unlocking global transformation at a rate and scale beyond our wildest imaginings.  We have been assigned a monumental and beautiful task and we must rise to the occasion.  It is time to unite, collaborate and strategize the delivery of our mission.   

  1. Catalyze the Catalysts
  2. Create Inter and Intra Industry Synergistic Networks 
  3. Popularize the message 
  4. Democratize Purpose Tools


Even if you think you have found purpose, it is time to claim your most expansive contribution - you must claim your Evolutionary Calling.  


Living our purpose leads us to a happier, more fulfilled life. But it is also about something bigger. Something radically and revolutionarily bigger. In claiming your purpose, you become a pioneer in the evolution of humankind and a leader in the metamorphosis of our world.