About Me


What I Believe: 

I believe we are at the threshold of something magnificent and the world we know is possible is at our fingertips.


With so many people longing and committed to change - with so much brilliance, innovation and talent - how is it we are still living a reality so far from what we dream possible? How is it so many of us haven't yet made the impact we deeply desire? Haven't accessed the abundance, found the audience - manifested the change?

There are four reasons I see at the root of this:

  1.  We forget - we are not truly mission oriented and we get distracted by the white noise of an desperately impoverished context

  2. We are scared - aspects of us still believe that the beliefs we need to let go of in order to step into our greatness keep us safe
  3. We are unititated and tribe-less - we have no threshold to walk through, we lack proper mirroring, supportive containers, evolutionary partnerships and transformative ritual
  4. We think our greatness stops at the horizon line - what you have to offer is way beyond what you are able to perceive right now

What I Do:


I help leaders and change makers:

  • Distill and magnify their Purpose 
  • Claim their most expansive contribution
  • Fully align with their mission and greatness
  • Initiate into their new Identity 
  • Connect and collaborate with other change makers
  • Maximize their influence and impact 
  • Access abundance and freedom
  • Contribute in a profound way to our world

Who I am:


More coming soon.